Join us in shaping Rain of Reflections!

Announced in January and gathering attention from all over the world, Rain of Reflections is steadily shaping up to be something Lionbite can proudly stand behind. In the months following the teaser debut, we’ve already made so many improvements and iterations that the teaser bleaks in comparison. We are confident our RPG will eventually make a mark in the genre, challenging conventions and encouraging quality over quantity.

To realize all of this brimming potential, Lionbite is expanding. From May, we’re adding a recording studio to our offices. And from September, we’re doubling up on the space, to fit more people under more comfortable circumstances.

This also means we’re looking for additional talents to complement our team. From this point and forward, we’re actively considering both interns and new recruits. Bear in mind Lionbite is an indie studio with limited resources, but with that said, we would love for you to show your ambitions and join us on our exciting journey!

Are you looking for an internship? Or a new gig?

We’re keeping an eye out for:

  • Technical artists
  • UI designers
  • Programmers
  • Animators

Broader expertise and multi-talents are highly encouraged. Please note: The positions are all on location in Stockholm.

Reach out to us on!